About Our Sister Concern

Our sister concern, Jiangsu Jingxue Insulation Technology Co. Ltd., was established in the same year as ours, 1993. With its complete focus on quality, sales, production, R&D and customer care, this firm has been introducing the world-class Loading and Unloading Equipment, Industrial Doors, Hook Type Cold Storage Board and other products that are used in logistics. To help reach a wider audience and mark the presence of our group company worldwide, our sister concern and its other partners named as Dalian Jingxue Insulation Technology Co. Ltd. and our company, Jiangsu Jingxue Insulation Technology Co.,Ltd. work together.

Service-Oriented Manufacturing Model

Backed by advanced technology, we are looking forward to achieving sustainable development in this new era of business. Thus, creating win-win situations among our group companies and business partners.

Reasons to Choose Us

  • Innovation: We constantly introduce advanced technology to our employees so that their skills are enhanced and they manufacture Double Door, Rock Wool Roof Panel and other products of unmatched quality.
  • Customers: Working with our sister concern companies, we are fulfilling the requirements of innumerable clients present across the globe.
  • Professional: The employees who work for us are highly professional in their job and spare no efforts in attaining their set targets on-time.

For many business owners it is only about making more profits, but for Jiangsu Jingxue Insulation Technology Co.,Ltd., it is about the happiness of our customers. Our customer-focused approach makes us different from all others. Besides, it is because of our attentiveness to fulfilling the requirements of our customers, be it in terms of product quality or customer support, that we have a large customer base. Moreover, it is our adherence to carry out our business activities in a systematic way that makes us a reliable exporter and manufacturer. As a result, we are still thriving in this competitive domain. The products we offer our customers include Hook Type Cold Storage Board, Retrofit Door, Double Door, Rock Wool Roof Panel and Glass Wool Roof Panel and more of nonpareil quality.

Most Popular Products

From built to design and performance, all these factors of our machines are highly admired by industrial users.

Hot Products

Relentlessly work to ensure that our brand presence is felt worldwide.

About Our Sister Concern

The foundation stone of our sister concern, Jiangsu Jingxue Insulation Technology Co. Ltd., was in the same year as ours, 1993.

Recent Products

To all customers, we commit for making deliveries as scheduled and charge our best possible prices.

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